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Download game Captain Majid Football Striker Anime APK

The stadium claims its hero! Jump to the field, score goals and dispute the soccer game of your life.
The goal is difficult and the football field seems to expand with every move. The tension of the game is noticeable in the atmosphere, but a hero like you can with pressure. Let yourself be guided by the emotions and spirit of the creatures Melanari that lives within the heroes and the anime soccer hero.

I feel the bravery of the legendary footballers who face the strongest opponents roaming the best football fields. You will have to compete for death, as if it were a former samurai, leaving you with skin and sweat in this area to become the best captain of all time. The enemies will have no sympathy and will try to prevent you from reaching your goal, becoming a legendary captain in the anime league of manga hero.

Being the captain of a team of heroes, in this game you will have to prove your worth by scoring all goals that can and bypassing all levels of this soccer game inspired by the legendary cartoon series of Japanese anime.

In this soccer Raj game anime you will enjoy great features like:
 9 football champions.
 13 exclusive scenarios.
 10 bosses to defeat.
Authentic Anime Style, Japanese Manga.
Over 150 levels in which to test your skill as a captain.
Heroic challenges such as: free throwing, penalties, throwing boxes or shooting the crossbar.
Physics and Effects of Classic Manga.
Get cash and stars to unlock the entire game.
Mark all targets that you can get all the captains of a legend.
Special roulette that you can get unique players and bonuses.
Daily bonuses for the best soccer hero manga.

Become a hero and start now to score goals in the best soccer game from anime and crown your career as a player who becomes better than manga captain. Unlock every game, all RPG soccer heroes and stadiums. You will be part of the dream team heroes by joining the elite in the history of the champion.
Football Striker Anime - RPG Champions Heroes الملصق
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Football Striker Anime - RPG Champions Heroes تصوير الشاشة 2
Football Striker Anime - RPG Champions Heroes تصوير الشاشة 3
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